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There are many resources and strategies discussed in Finding Grace, but two of the technology tools deserve special note. These are tools that I found to be critical. These products are recommended by the author and are not sponsored. 

Philips Medicine Dispenser

PMD is a computerized medicine dispenser that needs to be filled by a caregiver. For someone taking medicines twice a day, it need to be filled monthly. The unit locks to prevent accidental tampering, and loudly prompts the user (verbally) when it’s time to take medicine. If they do not, it contacts the caregiver. Medicine is loaded in plastic cups. There is a secondary benefit of fall or problem detection. Someone not taking medicine could signal a bigger issue. The unit calls for help at a specified time after medicines are missed. 

Inability to correctly take medicine can land seniors in assisted living sooner than they would like. PMD can extend time living independently. 

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ElderTrack, by GPS AnyPlace

ElderTrack is a small unit installed under the hood of a car and it allows users to know where the car is. The unit can also be set up to send notice if a car goes outside of an electronic “fence.” The low cost of this product is well worth the peace of mind.

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